Ron_drawing_squareRon and his wife Sydney raised their three children in Evanston, Illinois and were residents for thirty years. Ron had an animation studio in the coach house behind the big Victorian on Elmwood Avenue and produced animated films for education, corporate videos, television commercials and station breaks. At off times Ron would go out in his lovely town and draw what interested him. He made silk screen prints and sold at art fairs and a local framing store. Many prints are still hanging in Evanston homes as well as across the nation and abroad since students at Northwestern University from all over the world bought images of the town in which they lived.

Ron changed careers twenty years ago and began to pursue a childhood dream: acting. He appeared in Chicago’s Steppenwolf production of “The Grapes of Wrath” which went to Broadway. During that run he and his wife decided to relocate to New York City where they live today. Ron continues to draw and paint as well as travel the country performing in regional theaters and doing his one-man show “Travels with Mark Twain.”

He appears in the live/animated family film “Arthur and the Invisibles,” (Netflix) and soon will be seen in the sequels, “Arthur and the Revenge of Malthazard” (2009) and “Arthur and the War of Two Worlds.” (2010)

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